What YOU need to know about the leasehold scandal affecting homes

What YOU need to know about the leasehold scandal affecting homes  What is a leasehold property? When a home is sold as leasehold, the buyer owns only the house itself. The freeholder owns the land, meaning the buyer has to pay ground rent each year. They may also have to pay to make changes to […]

The Great Leasehold Betrayal

Minister REFUSES to crack down on toxic contracts MP Heather Wheeler dismissed claims of mis-selling in toxic leasehold deals Appeared to play down number affected saying it could be 12,000 not 100,000 She said she would prefer to rely on developers and property companies voluntarily giving families better terms than setting new legislation A housing minister […]

Couple stressed about ground rent costs

“Locked into Leasehold”

What does this mean and what are my options? The term “locked into leasehold” refers to the unfortunate situation that some owners of leasehold properties (“leaseholders”) are now finding themselves in, as a result of “onerous” clauses in their leases. For an explanation as to the differences between Freehold and Leasehold interests in property please […]

Professional Negligence – What it is and how it is relevant to the Leasehold Scandal.

Definition of “Professional” Professional Negligence occurs when a professional fails to perform their responsibilities to the standard required. This can be a claim against any calibre of professional. Simply put, a professional is an individual or body that is considered to have expertise and skill in the service that they are providing. For example, a […]

Leasehold Enfranchisement.

This article considers some of the enfranchisement options which are available to those leaseholders who may have have fallen victim to the Ground Rent Scandal. What is Enfranchisement? Simply put, enfranchisement is the process by which a leaseholder can apply for either an acquisition of the freehold or an extension of the lease. Background: The […]

Introduction to the “Leasehold Scandal”

“Freehold” and “Leasehold” A transaction for the sale or purchase of a home will require the conveyance of both the property and the land on which that property is situated. In respect of the land, there are different types of interest which can be transferred to the buyer. “Interest” refers to what that the buyer […]

Leasehold Doubling Clauses: what are they and where you would find them

As a leaseholder, you will be aware of the annual ground rent charge that you are required to pay to the freeholder of your home. This may be due to your conveyancer pointing this out to you before the point of sale, or alternatively, by the letter demanding payment falling onto your door mat some […]

We’ve been on the road. And on TV.

We have been on our travels lately with visits to Manchester, Salford and Bolton, meeting lots of people you have purchased a new-build leasehold property only to find out that their ground rent will double every few years.   In many of these cases the houses would be unsellable and we have been advising these people […]

Unfair escalating house lease?

The background to this question: ‘There is an increasing awareness by pension funds and annuity funds of the attractive characteristics that come from ground rents and the associated cash flows. Not least there is an asymmetry in the returns available with a high degree of downside protection as well as the potential for upside (for […]

The Secret Ground Rent Company Price List. Why pay them to ask how much they will charge you?

The background to this blog: A frequent complaint made by house leaseholders about the ground rent companies is that they have to be paid in advance to answer simple questions about how much they will be charged to change some feature of their home, the colour of a door, an extension to the house, the […]